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UberStudent is an operating system and collection of programs for everyone, especially higher education and secondary students, those who teach them, and their schools. Based on Linux technologies, UberStudent is a complete, ready-to-go, and "out-of-the-box" platform that is ideal for all new users of Linux, while also being fully satisfying to advanced users. UberStudent facilitates not only immediate user-friendly productivity but long-term cross-platform computer fluency among its users.

UberStudent fundamentally redefines what it means to be an operating system for education. At core, it is a pedagogically cohesive academic success curriculum integrated into an installable, easy-to-use, and full-featured learning platform. Learning UberStudent means learning the tasks and habits common to all academically successful students. Learning UberStudent also means learning not only computer literacy, but computer fluency, due to its open source nature.

UberStudent is developed by a professional educator who specializes in academic success strategies, post-secondary literacy instruction, and educational technology. It has been designed around a core academic skills approach to student success—the research and writing, reading, studying, and self-management skills that are essential to all students regardless of their academic major, as well as secondary students preparing for college. UberStudent can additionally be extended for specific academic disciplines, especially math and science areas, using its on-board tools for discovering and installing software.

Ever since entering the world of open source educational technology, UberStudent's has made waves. Just 60 days after its 15 July 2010 initial release, UberStudent 1.0 ranked the most popular educational Linux distribution in the world. Educators carried on conversations about UberStudent and presented about it at conferences, while individual students and cohorts adopted it as their platform of choice. The Chronicle of Higher Education gave UberStudent its only positive review for student desktop computing with Linux. Other reviewers have called it "highly in tune with student needs," "loaded with student-friendly tools and customizations," "perfect for the higher education environment," succeeding at its aims "with aplomb, elegance, and power," "a smart pick for getting your actual schoolwork done," and overall "fantastic and delicious." With succeeding releases of UberStudent, the future will build upon this bright start. Version 3.0, for example, brought very significant advancements to UberStudent's method of receiving system and software updates, resulting in a system that not only "just works" right out of the box but keeps doing so semester after semester.

While foremost for academic computing, UberStudent is also decked out for multimedia, graphics, messaging, and even games for needed down time, all with the needs of students in mind. Not just for end-users, UberStudent is just as solidly aimed at learning institutions, who will find it not only a smart pick for boosting student learning but one that is cost-saving and more sustainable, due to its free and open source nature. UberStudent can easily be configured to run as a thin client for computer labs.

UberStudent's lead developer, Stephen Ewen, is available to present UberStudent and its vision to increase student learning and support the mission of learning institutions at your campus or group meeting. He may be reached at ewens@uberstudent.com.

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