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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:16 pm 
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UberStudent - Linux for Learners
Version Lightweight Edition
Lightweight, Not Bare Bones

I'm very pleased to announce the release of UberStudent Lightweight Edition. It is designed to reinvigorate older or slower computers, and for Netbooks, as well as for anyone who simply prefers a lightweight Linux distribution. Great care and testing has gone in to aiming this release as the most feature-filled, polished, and stable lightweight Linux distribution available for education, as well as for general purposes.

UberStudent Lightweight Edition features a synergy of smartly chosen installed applications and web-apps. The result is a remarkably full-featured desktop that enables you to be productive even if you lack Internet access. You won't need to spend hours or days getting this system ready for productivity. UberStudent Lightweight is lightweight, not bare bones.

The size of the ISO file is 694 MBs, just small enough to fit on to a single CD. It can also be run and installed from a USB drive using a program such a unetbootin. I'm confident you'll be as pleased as I am with this release.

>>> Get it here. <<<



Full release notes are below:


    Linux 3.2 kernel

    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS base

    LXDE 0.5.0-4

    Pulseaudio 1:1.1


    Three LXDE Session options available at boot time:

      Two-Panel - mimics the classic look and feel of Gnome 2

      One-Panel - everything from the two-panel session brought down to one panel and condensed some

      Netbook - much improved over the upstream lxlauncher

    Fast. Uses less resources than either Lubuntu or Linux Mint LXDE.

    Plenty of on-board help, as well as on-board templates for formatting papers.

    Ready-to-go desktop compositing, with three levels of well-configured desktop effects (using xcompmgr-nate and compton) that you can turn on or off, or switch between, with just a few clicks from the System Tools menu.

    Zotero Standalone

    Google Chrome as the default browser. Zotero Connector is installed by default, so you can immediately start collecting and citing sources. AdBlock is also pre-installed but not enabled by default.

    KeepNote, along with a winning example usage for taking class notes.

    An array of other programs in the Education menu that have been smartly chosen in keeping with the UberStudent philosophy of emphasizing core academic skills in research and writing, content learning, and self-management.

    Presentation tools that keeps users of limited-powered computers in mind.

    Some of the very best web-apps available, across program categories, with selection preference given to freeness and stability. You’re almost certain to find a ready-to-go tool for your task, and without needless redundancy.

    app2menu, a program forked from Ice in Peppermint OS, that enables you to easily add (or remove) your own webapps in to the smartly categorized and sub-categorized UberStudent Applications Menu.

    UberStudent Control Center, a single point from which to do the most common system configurations.

    Simple Software Center, a lightweight and de-commercialized version of Ubuntu Software Center. Synaptic Package manager is also ready-to go, with Gdebi as the default Debian package handler.

    One-click installation of multimedia codecs, other restricted extras, and java, from the Applications menu.

    Backup options, including Dropbox.

    A trio of custom themes by UberStudent: (1) A+DarkSilver, the default theme, is designed to contrast for maximal productivity while also being one of the most gorgeous themes anywhere. (2) A+GreenTea, with which Linux Mint users will feel right at home. (3) A+Sky-n-Sea, a beautiful blue-hued theme, to complete the set. Corresponding icon sets are on-board, as well as a few standard LXDE themes.

    Lots of other extras too numerous to mention that really add up. Again, you won't need to spend hours or days getting this system ready for productivity.


There are several issues stemming from upstream developers or UberStudent limitations or design decisions of which you should be aware.

Accessibility Features - Upstream Issue and UberStudent Design Decision
LXDE is absolutely not the Linux desktop environment you want to use if you are visually impaired, since it does not honor GTK methods for enlarging menu icon sizes in gtkrc theme files. Accordingly, all accessibility options have been stripped from UberStudent Lightweight, even icons larger than 64x64 pixels. Visually impaired users are encouraged to investigate http://vinuxproject.org, or use an XFCE Edition of UberStudent.

Language Support - UberStudent Limitation and Sometimes Upstream Issue
UberStudent Lightweight is most friendly to English speakers. The majority of web-apps in UberStudent are developed in English-speaking countries and have interfaces only in English. As a young distribution, UberStudent-specific features have yet to be translated. Accordingly, and to save space, multi-language support is not installed by default. However, for most major programs and the overall desktop environment, you can install language support by following the steps at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=354&p=669&hilit=#p669:

lxsession with lightdm - Upstream Issue
UberStudent 2.0 Lightweight features three separate LXDE sessions into which you may boot, Two-Panel, One-Panel, and Netbook. Two-Panel is the default session. The lightdm login manager supports autologin for only the default session. Accordingly, if you wish to switch between sessions in the UberStudent Live System, you will need to input the following credentials in to the lightdm login prompt:

    Username: uberstudent
    Password: Leave blank and press Enter on your keyboard

If you wish to test the Netbook overlay (but not the full Netbook session) in another session without logging out and back in, run Test Netbook Overlay from the System Tools Menu.

Pcmanfm File Manager - Upstream Issue
Pcmanfm File Manager 0.9.10, the version installed by default from upstream, has several known issues. During testing for this release, latter versions of Pcmanfm were less stable, so were rejected in favor of 0.9.10. Pcmanfm File Manager 0.9.10 may thus very occasionally crash when clicking to open a new tab, usually only if you are running it as root. See http://blog.lxde.org/?p=951 for background and details. The fixed version of menu cache is installed in UberStudent.

lxpanel and Program Dialogs Not Framed by OpenBox - Upstream Issue
lxpanel in Two-Panel mode, specifically for the top panel, very occasionally fails to force some program dialogs--specifically those not framed by the OpenBox Window manager--to stay beneath it. An example is some of the dialogs in Inkscape. The best workaround is also the simplest: If a program dialog happens to go beneath the top panel, hold down the Alt button on your keyboard and click anywhere on the window and drag it downward. If this annoys you, use the One-Panel session or configure the top panel to display only on mouse-over.

lxlauncher - Upstream Issue
The text beneath some icons on the Netbook session desktop is left-aligned rather than centered. The fix apparently involves creating a new GTK class, so it's a fix that will have to come from either upstream or a latter full-fledged fork. The left-aligned text does not at all affect function. Since this issue has too long been unfixed upstream, you're strongly encouraged to pester the LXDE developers for a fix: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_i ... rce=navbar.

ubiquity Installer - Upstream Issue
Due to numerous issues with the ubiquity installer, the option to install directly from the disk without first booting in to the Live System has been disabled in UberStudent. Just boot in to the Live System and install the system from the provided desktop icon.

UberStudent Needs to Become Self-Sustaining. If UberStudent and my dedicated support of it has benefited you, it's really important to make an affordable donation. Thanks!

The UberStudent Headquarters:
    * MSI 870-G45 Motherboard
    * AMD Phenom II X4 3.4GHz
    * G.SKILL 8GB DDR3 1600
    * EVGA GeForce GT 630 1GB 128-bit DDR3
    * OCZ Vertex SSD
    * Rosewill ATX Mid Tower
    * 2 x Dell UltraSharp Monitors
    * With UberStudent 4.1 Development Build
You should build your own computers, too!

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