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Install Wifi to access internet.
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Author:  Robin O Knight [ Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Install Wifi to access internet.

I've just installed my first Linux system: UberStudent 4.1 64bit on my Dell Inspiron 660 PC but can not work out how, once installed how to add Wifi access to the internet. I normally use my Samsung Tablet to access the internet using BT wifi hotspot access, and where it works BT mobile Broadband. The BT Wifi hotspot access is intermittant and was probably not running when I installed the system. Wifi access is available from Windows 7 on the Dell Inspiron.

To give my age away, I have been using Microsoft Windows since Windows 286 (yes Windows 286, just a program switching program on an Intel 286 processor- still have the installation floppies!). I am well versed in finding drivers and system options for Windows but have no idea in Linux. Where do I find the drivers etc to include Wifi in the OS? I assume they must be on the installation DVD (Linux Format Mag 202) otherwise how else could I get access to the internet under normal conditions? How do I install the drivers? I obviously have the Wifi hardware on the PC motherboard so it should be possible to configure UberStudent 4.1 even when there is no Wifi signal. Clues, Help !!!

Author:  Stephen Ewen [ Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Install Wifi to access internet.

Is it actually obvious that you have Wifi hardware on your PC's motherboard? Your Dell Inspiron 660 does not come with either integrated or an added wireless card. Did you specifically install a wireless card? If not, it cannot access lest even be aware of any wireless network because it lacks the hardware.

I'd imagine your wireless router has a place to plug in a LAN cord. If you get such a cord, plug it in to the back of your DELL and then in to the router, UberStudent should detect and connect to the network automatically (it should be doing this with any wireless network, too, but one step at a time). Otherwise, if you are SURE your PC has a wireless card that you or someone else explicitly installed in to it, let me know.

Author:  Robin O Knight [ Wed May 18, 2016 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Install Wifi to access internet.

As belated reply I seem to have been pushing the limits. I knew I had a functioning WiFi adapter card installed since it worked under Windows. The Dell 660 does have integrated Wi-Fi but I installed a Wi-Fi adapter with three modules and high gain antennae attached to each. I have subsequently added a USB adapter with a longer cable.Yes, there are now three Wi-Fi channels on the Dell 660. The drivers for the two Qualcomm and one Ralink channels were automatically installed.

Uberstudent now finds the stronger signal from the USB adapter (2/3 bars as opposed to 1/2 bars) adequate and Windows appreciates the improvement as well. The solution was not obvious, especially since Windows was happy with the system when I posted the request.

I generally use the PC for signal processing without an internet connection, when I need it, I make use of BT hotspot access, and XDM for large downloads.

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