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Impressive is a cross-platform program that displays presentation slides with style.

Impressive has some very useful features that can make your presentations really standout from normal PowerPoint-style presentations. Moreover, it uses normal PDF pages as input, which you can make in any suitable program.

Impressive is a command line program. However, when you run Impressive from the entry in the UberStudent menu, it will open a dialog from which you can open and run a PDF file using Impressive's default settings.

Following are resources for using Impressive:

  • Impressive Demo is preinstalled in UberStudent. The demo is itself a tutorial. To access it, hit Alt + F2 on your keyboard in UberStudent 3.0 Preview (and above) and type in impressive-demo and hit Enter; or, in earlier and latter versions, use the "Impressive Demo" entry in the Education Menu.
  • Overview of Features by the Impressive developer
  • Command Line Parameters by the Impressive developer

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