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No, not 25 or even 10. Here are 2, maybe 4 things to do after installing UberStudent.

After installing UberStudent, there are two things you should do right away.

  • Run the Update Manager to install all updates
  • Install multimedia codecs

Sometimes, people will also want to

  • Install a proprietary driver
  • Use a custom theme

Below explains.


Install Updates

Your new UberStudent installation may have important updates awaiting. You should install them right away. Here's how.

Run the Update Manager

To update UberStudent, just run the Update Manager located at your top-right panel.


Click 'Select All' and then 'Install updates'


Reboot, if Asked to

NOTE: Only rarely will you be asked to reboot after updates.

Install Multimedia Codecs

Codecs are simply pieces of code that enable various multimedia formats to play on your computer. Installing multimedia codecs in UberStudent will also install Adobe flash, DVD-playback support, additional fonts, libraries you will need to encode in various multimedia formats, and a few other commonly desired items for a full-functioning modern system.

Use the UberStudent Welcome Screen

Click "Install Codecs"


Expand Text, Scroll, Read, Choose


In UberStudent 4.3, the below prompt will run once, during the fourth session, if you have not installed multimedia codecs by that time.


Install Proprietary Drivers

NOTE: if everything is working on your machine, all of your hardware and software, skip this step. Only take the steps below if something is not working "out-of-the-box."

Although Linux comes with very broad support for hardware, such as wireless networking cards and graphics cards, in some few cases you will need to install a proprietary driver to get everyting working optimally. Occasionally, some programs may require a proprietary driver to work well. Installing them is as simple as running the Driver Manager and following the recommendation it suggests you take.

Run the Driver Manager

To run the Proprietary Driver Manager, go to Applications menu > System > Hardware > Driver Manager and click the entry for it. Input your password and let it query your machine. It will then make recommendations.

Install Driver Manager Recommendations

For whatever device is not working, e.g., your wireless card for Internet access, install what the Driver Manager suggests to you; then, reboot. If you're not sure what to choose, ask at the UberStudent forums before doing anything.

If Your Hardware Still is Not Working

If this does not solve your hardware issue, it's because you have very rare hardware on your machine. It will very probably still work, but getting it going will require one-on-one attention on the UberStudent forums. Please post there so we can help you.

Use a Custom Theme

Although we think that the default UberStudent theme is pretty ideal for helping you maximize your productivity by both staying out of your way and contrasting well with the objects of your work, UberStudent comes with lots of additional custom themes, probably more than any other Linux distribution out of the box.

See Theming UberStudent for how to change themes.

About Adding PPAs to UberStudent

Before you add any PPA (Personal Package Archive) to your UberStudent installation, please read our brief tutorial warning of you pitfalls and informing you of good practices. Go to Adding PPAs to UberStudent.

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